a. Constitution 

Article I: Name and Address

1. The name of the organization shall be the East Asian
   Economic Association (EAEA), hereafter called the Association.

2. The address of the Association shall be that of the
   Secretariat of the Association.

Article II: Objective and Activities

1. The objective of the Association shall be to promote the 

   advancement of economic science with particular reference to
   Asian economic problems.

2. For this purpose, the Association shall undertake the
   following activities:

    i. publication of the Asian Economic Journal,

    ii. sponsoring symposia, conferences, seminars or other @
    activities necessary to attain the objective of the Association.

Article III: Membership

1. The members of the Association shall consist of the following:

   a. regular members,

   b. supportive members.

   Regular members are economists and other individuals who @
   desire to participate in the activities of the Association and @
   pay the regular membership dues. Supportive members are @
   individuals who desire to support the activities of the @
   Association and pay the supportive membership dues.

2. All members who have paid the membership dues are
   entitled to receive the Journal and participate in the activities
   of the Association. The amount of membership dues shall be
   determined by the Council of Fellows.

Article IV: The Council of Fellows and the Board of Directors

1. The governing body of the Association shall be the Council of 

   Fellows. Initially the Council of Fellows shall consist of the
   founding members of the Association. The Council may elect
   new fellows.

2. The Council shall elect, among the fellows, the President,
   two Vice-Presidents, and up to 15 members of the Board of

3. The Board of Directors shall decide on the location of the
   Secretariat and the appointment of the Secretary General,
   and the Editors of the Asian Economic Journal.

Article V: Amendments to The Constitution

1. Amendments to this Constitution may be made by the 

   Council, upon the recommendation of the Executive

2. Any amendments to this Constitution must be approved by
   two thirds majority of the votes of all fellows.

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